Welcome to my home

Imagine a dashing music-lover sporting a dandy look, strolling calmly into the sombre atmosphere of the Phantom of the Opera … truly classic. Now imagine this guy turning up in Phantom with a rock group and a cabaret troupe to break up the monotonous atmosphere… now that’s much less classic. That person is Yan Haltey. Impossible to define him by a single style.

A joyful musical crossover, as if an opera star, a cabaret singer, a rock musician and a crooner had decided to have a child together!

In other words, welcome to the website of Yan Haltey, the Swiss singer-songwriter and music producer.


As you may guess, it will be about love. But how, and what kind of love? Love takes many forms. Each person has his or her own definition of love. Read more

Photography Natália Mansano | Illustration Pauline Rossel