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My Rock’N’Love Story… what a story?!

As you may guess, it will be about love. But how, and what kind of love? Love takes many forms. Each person has his or her own definition of love. Remember the delightfully romantic feelings and range of emotions you have experienced in your love relationship: love, hate, disappointment, joy, passion, pleasure, hope, fear, jealousy… Imagine this cocktail of emotions staged in a show with timeless appeal and a blend of sounds ranging from rock to lyrical by way of the blues and the world of cabaret and musical comedy.

Yan Haltey drew on his personal experience of love in creating this improbable story. A show centred on love but inviting the audience not to lose itself in love to the point where it becomes destructive, even if it is worth being lived out to the full. A story that you will have the opportunity to discover little by little, like an Advent calendar! Just listen to the first song and you will soon understand the how’s and the why’s!

The Stars Say You're Meant To Be Mine

The Stars Say You're Meant To Be Mine

The title is itself a summary of the entire song, but what exactly does it mean?

Someone catches your eye, the first meeting, the rise of strong feelings, a destiny that seems written in the stars … everything suggests you know the rest of the story and there will be a happy ending. Well, the reality is far from a fairy tale … make up your own mind after listening to the song.



It’s only the beginning… don’t miss the rest!

Curious to find out more? Come and discover my melodic Ali Baba’s cave, where all my upcoming numbers will be published.

The Rock'N'Love Power Team


"Only a team as powerful and dedicated as the 3 Musketeers could make it possible for me to bring to fulfilment what is in my – part wise, part wacky - music-lover’s head."

Yan Haltey



Composer, lyricist & arranger: Yan Haltey
Piano and organ: Massimo Bonomo
Drums: Cédric Gander
Double bass: Patrick Perrier
Guitars: Etienne Loupot
Saxophones: Bera Romairone
Lead vocals: Yan Haltey
Backing Vocals: Sylvie Del Toro, Solange Guigoz
Vocal supervisor: Peter King
Lyrics reviewer: Arron Storey
Recording, mix and editing: Massimo Bonomo | Recording Studio "Carte Postale"
Mastering: Sylvain Ehinger | Pixelgroove Studio


Costume design: Tania D’Ambrogio
Tailor: Christophe Cottone | Gas & Chris Couture
Hair stylist: Pascal Ventura
Makeup artist: Elisabeth Péclard
Photographers: Patrick Dancel & Cécile Paintoux | Photopros.ch
Graphic designer: Jean-Marc Thomas
Copywriter: Orlane Sebaï
Community manager: Célia Droz
Translations: AmsteinTraductions.ch